Harvest Table Meals: 'The World's Best Chicken' and Maple Glazed Carrots


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Lacking inspiration at meal time? Not enough time to go grocery shopping after work? We can help!

Harvest Table Meals, each week we will feature a delicious recipe and deliver key ingredients right to your workplace.

All recipes will feature local, seasonal and fresh ingredients brought to you by Farmers and Artisans. We will provide a list of everything you will need, simple step by step instructions and tips.

This week's featured meal is 'The World's Best Chicken' and Maple Glazed Carrots. 

The second featured recipe, is a simple yet delicious take on chicken and veggies. The mustard and maple syrup provide great flavor to the chicken and carrots. The ease of this one pan meal can be applied to any proteins and veggies you like, it will easily serve 3-4! Definitely one you will keep coming back to!

The bundle will include easy to follow instructions and key ingredients (chicken, mustard, maple syrup, fresh rosemary and carrots). All you will need is a olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper!

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